Fish 2.0 attracts strong showing of applicants

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  • May 16, 2017

This year's Fish 2.0 competition has attracted 161 competitors who demonstrate significant growth in wild fisheries and supply chain innovation, Fish 2.0 organizers said in a release.

This year’s competition criteria is focused heavily on wild fisheries and supply chain innovation in most geographies, with aquaculture innovations highlighted mainly in Southeast Asia and on the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts of the US.

“We are really bowled over,” said Monica Jain, Fish 2.0 founder and executive director. “The businesses all have promising approaches and innovative technologies. It’s good news for the seafood industry that so many new ventures are emerging to improve sustainability and to create products and services that both consumers and seafood buyers will love.”

In this year’s competition, enterprises are distributed relatively evenly among eight segments, which include six regional tracks: Chile and Peru, New England (US), Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia, South Atlantic and Gulf Coast shellfish (US), and West Coast (US); and two global tracks: transparency and traceability, and supply chain innovation.

In the lead-up to the finals, businesses will compete in their tracks in two phases, answering questions on their business strategies, impacts, risks, and financial planning through August. The top 40 ventures will then be selected to pitch at the Fish 2.0 Global Innovation Forum, Nov. 7–8 at Stanford University.

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