Fish robot tech company pitches investors, verges on sustainable aquaculture product launch

  • Jeanine Stewart
  • April 26, 2017

Imagine a fish robot that mimics the movements of real fish while monitoring the pH level of an aquaculture farm and warding off predators.

That’s the type of machine that Aquaai, a Delaware-registered C corporation, is commercializing. The company has developed five prototypes for its new bio-inspired vehicles and is in the process of pitching its idea to major investors and potential customers in preparation for a round of seed funding, or potentially a series A funding round, this fall.

“Everyone’s amazed that you can make a system that looks and swims like a real fish,” Liane Thompson, co-CEO of Aquaai, told Undercurrent News.

The company, which took its idea to Fish 2.0's recent workshop in Seattle, uses biomimicry designed platforms, a type of technology that emulates the natural movements of nature's pre-tested patterns. In practice, that means Aquaai's fish-shaped robots can make their way into places that other machines used for monitoring the sea can’t, such as caves, Simeon Pieterkosky, co-CEO, told Undercurrent.

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