Competition hands out $195k in new awards to seafood startups

  • Jason Smith
  • December 24, 2015

The business competition Fish 2.0 has handed out a new batch of service awards valued at over $195,000 to seafood startups, including to several companies from the Pacific Islands, organizers said.

The competition, which was held in Stanford, California on Nov. 10 and 11, brought together investors, non-profit organizations and fledging seafood startups who aim to take new approaches to transforming the industry.

There were 170 companies entering from around the world participating in this year's competition up from 83 countries in 2013. Investors from around the world also attended the event.

Over $30,000 in cash prizes was handed out to the top six finalists. But a new batch of awards announced earlier this month will benefit another ten companies.

Five of those firms -- ARCAE, which assists Costa Rican fishing communities; Pelagic Data Systems, which is developing traceability solutions; SmartFish Mexico, which aims to support Mexican artisanal fishermen; Vanuatu seafood supplier ALFA Fishing; and the California-based Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust -- will receive financing and other assistance to help expand.

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