• Monica Jain
  • November 10, 2016

Getting Investors Excited About Sustainable Seafood 
November 9, 2016

Anyone who’s spent time in the sustainable seafood sector will tell you it’s a growing industry, full of creativity and innovation – one ripe for investments that will pay out in stronger economies and healthier oceans.

People who work with responsibly caught fish, whether on the water, on the docks, at processors or in kitchens, know that sustainable seafood makes sense not only from an environmental and a community perspective, but also from a business standpoint. It’s the future of the seafood industry. So why aren’t the investments pouring in? For many investors, the opportunities are still unclear. The sector seems very opaque relative to other food sectors.

The seafood sector is different than other food industries. If investors want to put their money into a poultry venture, they know the four or five industry leaders they should talk to, and how to access the information about the sector they need to make a good investment decision. If they want to invest in sustainable seafood, they face a fragmented global supply chain made up of hundreds of thousands of producers (mostly small, private businesses) and a series of similarly dispersed processors and distributors. Most investors have little idea how to find and talk to the people who can help focus the picture for them.

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