• Maddie Oatman
  • June 3, 2016

When you buy fish from the grocery store, it's not always clear exactly what you're getting. The industry is fragmented and murky, plagued by seafood fraud—when fishermen or processors take cheaper, lower quality fish and disguise or mislabel it to try and make more money. Don't count on regulators to catch this deception. In 2009, the Government Accountability Office took a hard look at the three agencies responsible for detecting seafood fraud, and concluded they were failing to "effectively collaborate with each other"—putting consumers' wallets and health at risk.

Monica Jain, the founder and executive director of Manta Consulting Inc.—and also our guest on this week's episode of Bite—believes innovative businesses may hold the key to solving some of the industry's woes. Drawing on a background in marine biology and decades of experience in environmental consulting, in 2013 Jain founded the Fish 2.0 conference, which pairs smart seafood start-ups with investors looking to make an impact.

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Tags: Investor Opportunities

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