• David Schmalz
  • April 14, 2016

It wasn’t until Monica Jain was in her 20s that she fell in love with the sea, but it’s not her fault. A St. Louis, Missouri native, Jain studied biology at Stanford, thinking she would go to medical school. As a senior in need of extra credits, she took a scuba diving class, and made her first-ever dive in Monterey Bay near Lovers Point. “I was like, ‘Stop the press! There’s a whole world under here and no one told me!’” she says. “I was so upset.”

Jain quickly changed focus, and spent a year studying marine biology in Pacific Grove at Hopkins Marine Station, which is affiliated with Stanford. She bounced around a bit after that, working marine biology jobs in Australia and Florida, and then came to a decision: She wasn’t going to pursue a PhD in marine biology after all, but instead go to business school.

“When you come from an Indian family, there is no choice but to go to graduate school,” she says. “I had to pick a graduate school, so I was like, business school then!”

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