Like fish in a barrel: Seafood innovators land investor interest

The Advocate, Global Aquaculture Alliance
  • James Wright
  • November 20, 2015

Aquaculture companies perfect their pitches at second Fish 2.0 competition.

The fisheries and aquaculture industries have more in common than the production of seafood. They each need innovation, emerging leadership and investment to advance the sustainability of their wide-ranging operations. All were on display at Fish 2.0, an industry-investor competition (and quasi-matchmaking event) held at Stanford University earlier this month.

Monica Jain, Fish 2.0 founder and executive director, said the 2015 iteration was much bigger than the inaugural event, held at the Palo Alto, Calif., school in the fall of 2013 (it will be held every two years). “Almost everything was doubled,” she said. “Twice the number of applicants (170), investors (250), experts and sponsors.”

Inquiring minds came from overseas to see the unique format and scout out potential partnerships. Mike Velings, CEO and co-founder of Aqua-Spark in the Netherlands, said this year’s event was exciting. “More entries, high quality, more diverse and from different geographies,” he said. “There were a lot of aquaculture entries. There were more investors. It’s pretty unique and it’s only the second time it’s organized.”

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