• Tides Canada
  • April 15, 2015

Driving business growth while creating positive environmental and social change might seem a bold endeavour, but the team at Fish 2.0 not only believe it can be done, they’ve created the forum to make it happen.

Now in its second installment, Fish 2.0 is a business competition that connects global sustainable seafood and aquaculture businesses with potential investors. Through the competition, businesses have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a broad range of investors and supply chain partners who are interested in seafood and can help their businesses grow. For investors, the competition exposes them to some of the top business ventures in the seafood sector. In the end, everyone gains from the knowledge and access that Fish 2.0 offers to increase investment in the sustainable seafood sector.

Tides Canada is proud to once again support Fish 2.0, following the success of the competition’s launch in 2013. As part of our work to advance aquaculture solutions that protect wild salmon and the marine environment through the Tides Canada Salmon Aquaculture Innovation Fund, we aim to bring sustainable aquaculture practices to scale through opportunities like Fish 2.0.

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Tags: Global Aquaculture

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