Regional Events

Our 2019 regional workshops and events are completed.
The online Readiness Assessment deadline for 2019 was May 19th.

Fish 2.0 holds two-day workshops and pitch sessions for businesses in regions with sponsored Fish 2.0 tracks. These events are active community-building sessions where participants learn from their peers’ real-world experience as well as from experts.

On the first day, participants dig into the ins and outs of financing, what investors look for, and trends affecting their market. They also learn how to talk about their business in a way that grabs interest. On the second day, participants practice their pitch and learn how to tap into the Fish 2.0 community. In the afternoon, participants stand up and pitch their business to local investors and experts.

Why attend a Fish 2.0 workshop and pitch session?

If you have a seafood business:

  1. Polish your pitch to investors and partners.
  2. Pitch to investors in a supportive environment.
  3. Hear from investors about what makes them say yes or no.
  4. Get to know your local seafood community, including potential partners.
  5. Gain fresh insights into how to grow your business.

If you are an investor:

  1. Get a taste of seafood innovation in your area.
  2. Meet other investors looking at seafood deals.
  3. Plug into the Fish 2.0 community and build your seafood knowledge.

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