Since completing our highly successful grant-funded work for Fish 2.0 at the end of 2019, we have received steady demand from seafood businesses around the globe for assistance in creating strategies and presentations to gain investment and grow. For the past year, we have been referring these businesses to accelerator and incubator programs as well as other consultants – but most continue to return to us - seeking further assistance from our specialized knowledge base and network.

Our interest has always been to grow the sustainable seafood sector, Fish 2.0 is now offering growth services to seafood businesses on a fee basis.

Seafood business: strategic investment services

Fish 2.0 can support businesses and ventures who are seeking investment or market growth with 3 different packaged services:


  • Complete review of the investor deck
  • Recommendations for changes and improvements
  • Advice on the types of investor targets to prioritize


  • Review of and feedback of the raw business information
  • Development of an investor deck to be used with investors and partners
  • Advice on the types of investor targets to prioritize


  • Complete review and feedback of key financial documents
  • Advice on financial forecasts and modelling for your business

All work is completed online, through email and web meetings.

Each engagement is expected to last 4-6 weeks. We may be able to offer more quick feedback if all information is available from the company.

Fees for the above services begin at $5000.

Not sure if you are ready yet for one of these packages?

Try our Information Assessment and Feedback to understand your readiness level and gain early investor feedback on your offer. Priced below $1000. Contact us for details.

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