What were the results from 2015?

Over 60% of the enterprises participating in Fish 2.0 2015 gained investment, new partners or new customers from connections made during this event.

Whether or not they won a prize in the competition, all participants in the past Fish 2.0 said that competition helped them to improve and grow their businesses.

In 2015, entrepreneurs who attended the workshop said the following:

“I like that the workshop offered real advice and solutions for Pacific people.”

“Through this I have learned that everything is possible even though there are competitors.”

“The workshop has really opened up a new perspective for me on how I can improve my business and interact with other investors.”

“I liked the interaction and ideas to improve my business plan.”

“I have gained the confidence to expand my business and the courage to be a participant in Fish 2.0.”

“Participation to the workshop enticed me to keep on going! And so much sharing and bonding. More than I anticipated”

“This is a program that will not only connect people to funding & technical assistance – but most importantly, have people look at their business development strategies from a totally different perspective.”

“I liked the opportunity to meet other participants from other islands.”

“I have realized the opportunity to connect with other businesses here and abroad”

“The diversity of the islands participating made our conflicts and difficulties relatable.”

“Best investment training I've ever been to.”

“The entire journey of the Fish 2.0 2015 competition have been all along a tremendous learning, as well us development for me individually, as well as for our Management Team, Advisory Board, field team, as well as our families, and the communities. The level of our transparency and accountability has been amazingly strengthened.”

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