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The following are a selection of reports to help investors get familiar with the investment opportunities that exist in the fisheries and aquaculture sectors. 

Fish 2.0 Market Reports: Investor updates on sustainable seafood

The Fish 2.0 team has published the following reports for investors wishing to get up to speed quickly on some key areas of interest relating to the sustainable seafood industry. Click on a report to dowload the free, 4-page document (PDF).

Additional Industry Information 

  • Manta Consulting Industry Briefing Papers, 2013.  Three industry overviews, covering wild fisheries, aquaculture and supply chain opportunities are available on the Manta Consulting website. These were produced in conjunction with the 2013 Fish 2.0 competition.  Download them from the Manta Consulting website:

  • Seafood Supply Chain Graphic. This infographic was developed for the competition by Manta Consulting Inc to give participants an easy snapshot of the supply chain and where the competitors fit into it. Click here for a pdf version.

  • Spotlight on Seafood, Rabobank.  An investor’s guide to the global marine protein industry   Provides a framework for analyzing this dynamic sector, identifies the drivers and trends in the sector, and provides a view on the developments of the business models adopted by the leading producers. The report also describes the capital flows within the sector and the expected consolidation dynamics driving the competitive landscape (Nov, 2011).

  • Financing Fisheries ChangeLearning from Case Studies. Manta Consulting.  A report assessing the state of fisheries conservation and the central role that financing plays in that field.  The report highlights 11 case studies of innovative financial and governance structures and approaches to conservation being used to achieve impacts in the fisheries field, synthesizing the lessons learned to help foundations, private philanthropists, NGOs and other project developers in their work (Jan 2011).

  • State of the World Fisheries and Aquaculture.  Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. A biannual report with data and projections on fisheries, aquaculture and the economic impacts of each. (Rome, 2012).

Manta Consulting Website

Manta Consulting has worked at the intersect of Fisheries and Financing for over 15 years. Many of our recent publications can be found on the Manta consulting website.

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