Online Judging for Fish 2.0

Why Judge?

Serving as an online judge for Fish 2.0 is a perfect way for you, as an investor, to learn about businesses in the seafood sector while sharing your expertise and feedback to help them succeed.

The more businesses you judge, the more you can learn about the sector.

All the judging is done online, through our password-protected system. The scoring you provide, the comments you make, and your name and personal information are all kept completely confidential, and are not shared with any businesses or sponsors of Fish 2.0.

What is involved?

Online judges must have an investment background or relevant business development experience.

  • Scoring is all done online, using standard investment criteria provided by Fish 2.0.
  • You may score entries at any time during the 10-day scoring period.
  • Each entry requires about 30 minutes to review and score online — about the same time it takes to conduct initial screening of a new deal.
  • Each judge may score 4 to 8 entries.
  • Judges are needed after Phase 2, from June 26 to July 7.
  • Judges are also needed after Phase 3, from August 28 to September 8.
  • Tell us when you think you’ll be available, and we can confirm it closer to the date.

How do I sign up?

The first step is to complete a short form by clicking on the button below.

  • Tell us about your relevant investing or business background, as well as your interests in this sector, so we can find a good match for you at judging time.
  • If you have previously served as a judge for Fish 2.0, we still need to gather information about your availability (you can skip the background questions since we already know you).
  • Many of our judges also serve as a Business Advisor or Impact Advisor. If you choose to advise and judge during the same phase, we’ll make sure to assign you to different ventures. To sign up as an advisor, please click here.

Interested in being an Online Judge?

To learn about advising click here.