Results of the 2013 Fish 2.0 Competition

10 finalists and 11 semi-finalists were selected over the course of Fish 2.0.  At the competitions finals, in Novemeber 2013, they pitched to a panel of investor judges, competing for prizes.  The winners were:

  • 1st prize of $40,000:  Blue Sea Labs
  • 2nd prize of $25,000:  Cryoocyte
  • 3rd prize of $10,000:   Ho'oulu Pacific
  • Semifinalist winners:  Smartfish and Inland Shrmp Company (tied for first place)

The 2013 Fish 2.0 Finalists

BackTracker     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.      

BackTracker is a data repository to manage big data and provide strategic insight into the seafood sector. It also provides a scalable and auditable platform to encrypt confidential data used for traceability purposes. Due to the disparate nature of fisheries data, companies have difficulty verifying whether they are dealing with quality, unbiased and representative information. We aggregate the data, encrypt it so that fishermen’s geospatial catch information remains confidential, and make it possible to audit and cross reference with government records. We then validate the data by conducting comparisons with estimates of sales from manufacturers.


Blue Planet   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Blue Planet has developed a breakthrough recirculating aquaculture system technology that allows production of marine finfish far inland, with zero negative environmental impacts. System capital expenditure is over 50% less than competing systems, and production costs are comparable to offshore culture. The heart of the system, a patent-pending bioreactor, has been commercial tested and proven. Blue Planet now seeks investment to build and operate its first North American facility, which will produce sustainable marine fish. The facility will be the centerpiece of a government plan to develop an "inland aquaculture cluster" that will revitalize a local economy struggling with high unemployment.


Blue Sea Labs     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Working at the intersection of seafood and logistics, Blue Sea Labs is using e-commerce and software to shorten the supply chain, while providing transparency throughout it.  By empowering direct transactions and distribution, we provide higher quality product to customers while enabling fishermen to catch less and earn more.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     

Cryoocyte is developing a novel technology to cryopreserve fish eggs. Egg freezing will enable fish farms globally to become less spawning-dependent and produce year-round at full capacity. Cryoocyte also will create a genetic egg bank of critically endangered and wild species to preserve aquatic biodiversity. Finally, frozen eggs could be transported over greater distances than traditional wet methods of transporting fry or fingerlings, enabling centralization of the highly technical and capital-intensive aspects of fish breeding, and creating opportunities for many low cost, simple-to-operate hatching operations throughout the developing world.


Dayspring Aquaculture    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.       

Dayspring Aquaculture will be a commercial-scale aquaponics facility utilizing a geothermal resource. Our experienced and professional management team is dedicated to environmental sustainability. Dedicated to feeding a growing population, Dayspring will raise fish and vegetables by utilizing sustainable energy, fishmeal replacement, aquaponic use of fish waste, plant fertilizer from fish offal, and onsite feed milling which will provide a multi-faceted revenue stream. Dayspring is developing a number of partnerships with companies like CleanFish (San Francisco), and has obtained a LOI from Nash Finch. Our company will strive to benefit our community by retraining and employing returning veterans. 


FisheryWorks    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.       

FisheryWorks is a customized, off-the-shelf data collection and reporting software platform to enable sustainable fisheries management. FisheryWorks processes fishing trip, fishing log, and landed catch data in real time and also tracks and manages quota in catch shares fisheries. Until now, fishery management systems have been too complex and costly for most fisheries. With its fee-per-transaction business model, FisheryWorks makes sustainable management an affordable reality for fisheries around the globe. While FisheryWorks is at the start-up stage, it is a proven concept based upon the CEO's successful track record and previous direct experience in fishery management systems design and development.


Ho’oulu Pacific    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ho‘oulu Pacific integrates aquaponic technology with distributed agriculture to manage a network of households to commercially grow fish and vegetables in Waimanalo, Hawaii. Native Hawaiians have the worst health profile of all American ethnicities due to a lack of physical and economic access to healthy food and nutrition. We empower these families to grow their own food and provide opportunities for surplus produce to be sold back to the community. We seek investment to expand our existing operations to meet the growing demand for locally grown produce in Hawaii and throughout the Pacific.


Local Catch LLC    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.              

Local Catch is a seafood subscription service that provides consumers with fresh, sustainable seafood that is fundamentally local, from landing to processing to delivery. By keeping it local, we shorten the supply chain, generate a local economy, and provide a greater variety of fish at a competitive price. By offering a subscription service, we are able to provide fishers higher income than they would receive if they were paid upon landing, and also provide fish to our subscribers that would otherwise be difficult to find at fish markets. Local Catch was established with $22,000 of friend/family seed capital.


‘Namgis First Nation Closed Containment Project.   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

K’udas LP produces premium grade, 5-6 kg Atlantic salmon in a bio-secure, land-based, recirculating aquaculture system. The system allows all variables to be controlled, maximizing fish growth and feed conversion, and ensuring a continuous supply of great tasting, therapeutant-free, certified sustainable product, without the environmental impacts of open-net salmon farming. The $9M farm is located on Canada’s Vancouver Island. With fish stocked in March 2013, at steady state the first production module will produce 400mt/year. Sales of “Kuterra” branded salmon will commence February 2014. To optimize production and meet demand, we seek $9M to build a hatchery and second production module.


Organic Ocean Seafood, Inc.    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.              

Organic Ocean supplies the very finest sustainably harvested, uniquely traceable, and all-natural seafood direct from the fishermen to the customer. Disintermediation enables Organic Ocean to generate industry-high margins while fairly compensating its fishermen for their adoption of environmentally friendly and quality harvesting and handling practices. Organic Ocean has created a leading premium seafood brand among the restaurant and culinary industries’ top chefs and generated consistent year-over-year sales growth. New geographic markets and distribution channels are being developed to sustain this trajectory. The team combines significant fishing industry expertise with impressive entrepreneurial credentials.

Where they Fit in the Supply Chain

The Fish 2.0 competitors are involved in many parts of the seafood supply chain.  Manta Consulting developed the following info-graphic to help investors see at a glance where in the supply chain each business is focused. click here to download infographic.


Each competitor description in the documents listed below includes a small version of this infographic to help readers understand where the enterprise fits into the seafood supply chain.

More information:

Please click on the following for more information:

What people are saying about Fish 2.0

  • "Fish 2.0 helped us grow our business, but more importantly, it helped us optimize our business. We are doing more, and doing it better. I don’t believe we would have gotten here as quickly if we had not gone through the Fish 2.0 planning exercise."
    - Dane Chauvel, Fish 2.0 Finalist
  • "Fish 2.0 is a great way to expand your network. We learned about other fish businesses and opportunities for collaboration--that exposure is very hard to do on your own."
    - Alan Lovewell, Fish 2.0 Finalist
  • "It’s not just a seminar, it’s the real thing – you’re pitching to real people with real money."
    - Gary Ullstrom, Fish 2.0 Finalist
  • "Fish 2.0 takes the fish by the fins and creates a much needed mechanism through which the right industry experience, innovative thinkers and financial backing can come together to move new ideas in seafood to market."
    Kit Barron, Managing Director, CapLog Group, LLC and Fish 2.0 Advisor
  • "If you’re a start up in seafood, or if you’re an existing company with a social or environmental component, Fish 2.0 is definitely where you want to be."
    - Martin Reed, Fish 2.0 first prize winner
  • "When people ask me how it went, I tell them... it was simply amazing to meet so many like-minded individuals in one place, at one time. Thank you for making that possible. I'm so grateful that we were chosen as semi-finalists and invited to attend."
    - Diane Durance, Fish 2.0 Semi-finalist
  • "All the people we dealt with on the Fish 2.0 team were great to work with—we’d have no hesitation to do it again."
    - Ed Robinson, Fish 2.0 Finalist
  • "The Fish 2.0 organizers have done a fantastic job creating the world's first fishing and aquaculture business plan competition. Our advisors and the webinars have been top-notch, and the amount of interest and number of investors Fish 2.0 has attracted are incredible."

    - David Walfish, Fish 2.0 Third Place Winner 2013
  • "It changed the way I prepare for all sorts of investor interactions, and it greatly improved our success."
    - Hoyt Peckham, Fish 2.0 Semi-finalist
  • "We believe that creating sustainable fisheries will have long-lasting impact on ensuring and improving the livelihoods of large populations in the developing world."
    - Beau Seil, Managing Partner, Unitus Impact
  • "People found us through the media around Fish 2.0 – people who want to have shrimp locally have gone out of their way to contact us."
    - Gary Beatty, Fish 2.0 Semi-finalist
  • "As a non-profit organization, Fish 2.0 has completely changed the way we think about our work.  Whether we win the competition or not, the value was in the journey - learning to apply business principles to the way we conduct our work."
    - Jason Philibotte, Fish 2.0 Semi-finalist
  • Fish 2.0 will help fill a critical missing part of the ecosystem around financing sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. We look forward to connecting this effort to our thousands of investors motivated by positive social and environmental change.

    - Margot Kane, Director, Strategic Initiatives, Calvert Foundation & Fish 2.0 Judge