"We noticed that investors in the field were having a hard time finding fisheries deals
and fishery business owners were frustrated that investors had no interest. 
We created Fish 2.0 to build connections between the groups."

Monica Jain, Manta Consulting and Fish 2.0 Founder

Fish 2.0 builds the knowledge and connections needed to increase investment in the sustainable seafood sector. Fish 2.0 competitors improve their business models and learn how to approach investors. In turn, participating investors gain early access to new deals and learn how sustainable seafood can help build their portfolios.

Our goal is to create the business growth needed to drive social and environmental change in the seafood supply chain. 

Further details on Fish 2.0 can also be found in the Fish 2.0 Case Study, which goes into detail on the design elements that allow it to support the field building efforts of philanthropists and impact investors.